Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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About the Institute

National Institute of Plant Science Technology (NIPST), an Inter-School centre of Mahatma Gandhi University, was established on 20th August 2014. The institute provides excellent infrastructure facilities to promote research in Interdisciplinary areas of ‘Plants and their Environment Relations’ towards developing ‘Plant-based Eco-technologies’. A national level competitive examination is conducted to enroll talented and enthusiastic students to the academic programmes offered by this institute. The Institute will inspire students to apply their creative talents to exploit research potentials of the rich botanical wealth of Kerala for the development of globally significant technologies useful in sustainable agricultural, phyto-medicinal, bio-fuel, biobased industrial and eco-remediation purposes. Instead of keeping science and technology as watertight compartments in conventional programmes, this institute will enable science students to end up their post graduation to a productive research on plant-based eco-technology and entrepreneurship based on the technology that they develop. Overall, the Institute aims at boosting entrepreneurship in the country through productive research in plant science.

The institute will have advanced instrumental as well as experimental facilities for plant scientists to pursue excellence in all branches of plant science and is expected to contribute to the talent pool of researchers and specialized technicians in plant-based technologies. Technologies to be focused in the programme include those for plant medicines, nutraceuticals, sustainable agriculture, phytoremediation and bio-fuels. In addition to advanced research laboratories for the above-mentioned technologies, the institute is maintaining medicinal garden, field experimental station, regional herbarium and museum of plant resources of the Western Ghats.

Director’s Message

Prof. (Dr.) Jisha M.S.

Director, NIPST

National Institute of Plant Science Technology (NIPST) is a unique interschool center providing advanced education in plant sciences aiming in developing Plant- based ecotechnologies. National Institute of Plant Science Technology, though still in its initial phase has procured basic instrumental and scientific facilities that will help enthusiastic plant scientist to pursue excellence in all branches of plant sciences. The institute offers academic visits to reputed institutions allowing students to have first-hand knowledge of novel scientific advancements. We here at National Institute of Plant Sciences make sure to organize frequent lectures by eminent scientist to ensure exposure of our students to the scientific community. M. Phil. program in plant sciences will be launched in the near future enabling budding researchers to do quality work in various disciplines of plant sciences.
This brochure details the faculty profile and various facilities in National Institute of Plant Sciences. I hope this brochure will help prospective students and research scholars willing to pursue a carrier in Plant science with our institute.

Institute Inauguration 

Institute Inaugurated on 20/08/2014 by Hon’ble Pro-Vice chancellor Dr. Sheena Shukkoor