Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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  • Helseena E.H, received Sarojini Naidu foundations- special award (Inspire award)for the Innovative enterprise in the agriculture area from Akhshayasree award committee, on 1st August 2021.

  • Helseena E.H & Mrs. Anubha S. was selected for the Young Innovators Program, 2019. They participated in the National Knowledge Session by renowned speakers which is held on 22nd Jan 2020 at Trivandrum.
  • Mrs. Anubha S. received a grand under the Young Innovators Program, 2019 for the project entitled “Biological Weed Control”.
  • Helseena E H & Mrs. Anubha S got selection for the Accelerated Innovation Track (AIT) in the Young Innovators Programme(YIP)2019.
  • Helseena E.H Received BIIC-Connect 2018 start-up grant for the project Entitiled “Development of a Bacterial Insecticide against Banana Pseudostem weevil Odoiporus longicollis Oliv.”
  • Anubha S received BIIC-Connect 2018 start-up grant for the project Entitiled “ Development of Herbicidal Formulation from Soil Microorganisms”
  • Anto Joseph received the Best paper presentation  award at The National Seminar on Plant Science Technology for sustainable world held at Kottayam during    February 25th -26th 2016

Mr. Alan Thomas Receiving Best paper award at International seminar on emerging trends in organic farming and sustainable agriculture held at Kottayam during 29 to 31 December-2016

Dr. Sharrel Rebello was awarded the prestigious Chief Ministers Nava Kerala Post-Doctoral Fellowship -2022 for her research work on ‘Microbe mediated synthesis of cellulosic nanocomposites from agrowastes’ to be conducted at National Institute of Plant Science Technology, Mahatma Gandhi University. The research work was shortlisted and funded as an initiative undertaken by the Higher Education Council, Government of Kerala under the mentorship of Prof (Dr.) Jisha M.S.


Advances in the world of ‘Internet of Things’ is taking the world by storm. Innovations in agritech would help a traditionally labour-intensive agriculture sector to adapt with the standards of Industry 4.0. Mr. Esli Sunny Emmanuel, Student of the National Institute of Plant Science Technology under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Jisha M S participated in RIBC 2.0 Hackathon by Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (ICAR) and Kerala Start-up Mission. They were able to design a smart dripper regulated based on Evaporation Index and 3D print a Single Actuated Wormbot which can act as a swarming drone, to locate the block in drippers. The prototype and design secured 3rd position in the hackathon.